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i-Table Roulette

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i-Table Roulette

iTable Roulette takes the next evolutionary step in gaming by introducing player stations housed within a traditional Roulette table design.

Capturing all the advantages of the electronic player terminal-automated pays takes, and the elimination of dealer errors  the  i-Table platform will bring additional spins per hour, increased excitement, and increased profits to your pit.

A truly unique experience, i-Table roulette fits the same footprint as your normal roulette table, and offers new features never before introduced to a player terminal experience, including the opportunity to wager on numbers for the dealer! With ease to use touch-screens and a big, bold table display, I-Table makes playing Roulette more fun than ever before!

i-Table Roulette allows your staff to spend a greater amount of their time providing extraordinary customer service by interacting with guests while spending less time calculating payouts and stacking chips. As more and more casinos move to using party pits and dealertainers, the i-Table allows you greater flexibility in staffing anyone from a seasoned veteran to a new dealer can easily learn and operate the game with minimal training.


  • Live game outcomes
  • Configurable minimums and maximums
  • Electronic pays and takes
  • Selectable on-screen chip sets
  • Easy-to-use dealer interface


  • Eliminates pay and take errors
  • Increased security
  • Increased spins per hour
  • Works with your current roulette wheel
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